Today is a gift! What a loaded statement. Sometimes it’s loaded with truth we can see, feel, touch and taste, those times when everything around us is in perfect harmony. Other times it feels like it’s loaded with a pile of crap the size of Lake Michigan, shifting perspectives seems impossible. Ever wonder why we move in and out of the “gift” mentality? Ever feel frustrated by the dark days?


It is one of my biggest frustrations and challenges. I am a self proclaimed glass half empty kind of girl. A girl that can bring the mood down with one certain look or at least that is what I believe on that pile of shit kind of day. I must admit I can recognize the part I play in the ugliness but sometimes I don’t have the strength to overcome it. Fortunately, today is a “my cup is overflowing” kind of day. Today is a gift because my perspective is turned on to the blessings instead of the hardships! Today I have the clearest vision available. I see everything around me not with my eyes but with the eyes of those who can’t see, feel, touch or taste the many things I can today. Is it an extra special day? Not by the world’s description but in my mind it’s the absolute BEST day. I have been blessed with another day to love, another day to walk into my salon, another morning to run, another day to pray, another day to take a moment to enjoy the autumn beauty all around me. Another day to spend LIVING in honor of those who cannot. Today, my buddy Bob fights the cancer fight, his wife helplessly assisting. Today, my mom, brothers, sisters and I remember the heartache we felt 4 years ago when my dad lost his fight. Today, I dedicate my day, my run, my work, every single breath to these people. Today, I will live, really live, because I can! And today, I tell you, IS A GIFT!

Do you have someone you are dedicating your day to?

I would love to hear your stories. FullSizeRender-2