Dear Hair Enthusiasts,

For the next few weeks leading up to Valentines Day, we thought we’d treat you to something a little special, just from us here at Blu. This special treat is paired with a BONUS sweet - kind of like wine and chocolates. One without the other is sweet, but together, they are unstoppable!

This segment is called #TalkBackTuesdays, paired ever so sweetly with a segment called #ThursdayThoughts.

Basically, leading up to Valentines Day (along with the day itself), onwe will be asking questions, videoing DIY tutorials and really getting to know all the staff and the owners of Blu A Color Salon. Questions like “Is there a way to make my hair grow faster“, tutorials on “blowdrying and styling tricks” and questions you’ve always wondered like “How did Blu get its name?

So tune in every Tuesday for a written blog with QnA’s paired with tutorials and Thursday for an inspirational quote that’ll give you a little glimpse into this wild and wonderful world of hair and everything it encompasses! And for our social media crowd, they will also be uploaded to Instagram and Facebook for your viewing pleasure.

Hope to see you all there! You won’t wanna miss this!