If you’ve noticed models and trendsetters sporting super subtle locks this spring, then you’ve caught on to one of this year’s biggest hair trends - babylights. Babylights

Babylights are delicate highlights that are created in a process very similar to regular highlights, except when creating babylights, the colorist uses tiny amounts of hair during the processing technique so that the finished product mimics the dimensional hair color of children. The color typically starts around the crown and hairline and gradually transitions into a color that is two shades lighter at the ends.

Babylights are perfect for people who love their natural color — as it remains prominent — but just want to add an extra layer or two of something special. It’s also super low maintenance because of its subtleness, as no line of demarcation is present as it grows out.

Babylights aren’t just for blondes, and it works well on any color or hair type.

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