Most people are unhappy after a major change in their hair color…here are some things to consider, so you end up as happy as this blonde to red transformation!

168Odds are,  if you are a  woman, you have been here… the unexpected morning when you glance into the bathroom mirror while brushing your teeth and feel… well… less than excited about what you see. (By the way, I’m not referring to the toothpaste-filled slobber running down your chin.) Extending your neck and leaning forward, you have now positioned yourself inches from the glass… because getting a closer look is exactly what you need. “Ugh!” you say to yourself and without any fair warning a conversation begins. Now this is not the type of conversation you would be expecting or hoping for, no one else is even physically present. However, the conversation is very real, potentially risking your happiness and happens in women’s bathrooms all over the world.

And so it begins… She creeps in disguised as your best friend, but without a giving you second to defend yourself; she begins spouting out insults quicker than your mind can comprehend. She is ruthless. She will stop at nothing less than a full blown assault on every square inch of your body.  She is best described as an intruder of your mind, a less than welcome visitor, the world’s worst girlfriend, you could say she resembles Miley Cyrus…she starts out as Hannah Montana but ends up being bat shit crazy, you know the one, (I call her crazy head). And she is full of “suggestions”.  Maybe you need Botox, perhaps a personal stacytrainer? You turn sideways to get the profile view and you have to wonder if a trainer could return your rump to its original location?  Even if they could, would that do the trick?  She has you questioning every last thing about yourself. Maybe it’s not just the body; maybe it’s the whole being… you might need a life coach.  If only you could master the 8 limbs of yoga…You begin fantasizing about the possibility of a weekend at Villa Benvenuti? Who are you kidding; you can’t afford a yoga retreat in Italy! As your morning routine progresses, you begin to realize you have been conversing with this lunatic for over an hour and she’s not letting up.    She even recommends acquiring a new identity…reminding you how much you love wearing hats; she lands you a room in the nearest convent.  Really? That’s it, she has just gone too far, and this conversation is over! As you are left alone with your thoughts, you are now officially convinced you need a makeover and FAST. Now that every bump, jiggle, ripple, line, crease and age spot has been delicately concealed, you return to the place where this all began, standing in front of that same mirror, you decide a new “do” might serve as a quick fix for an otherwise restless spirit. If you really want to be honest with yourself, it’s probably not your hair causing your torment. Honesty can sometimes be overrated, but in this case, something you may want to consider…may I remind you your hair is the only thing still exposed!

You can’t decide… is it the cut, color or both that need to go?  You decide you don’t want to lose your length so a major color change it is.  You are about to make a hasty decision to change your #1 accessory.  It is, at this point, I would recommend you exercise caution.  So many things need to be considered when you are changing hair color.  Do you take matters into your own hands…after all, Clairol 119A Light Spice looked amazing on your last trip down the DIY hair care aisle and who does not like a little “spice”. For starters, exactly what “spice” are we talking about because last time I cooked; sage was not the color I would desire for my desperately needed makeover.  Ironically, I can assure you, it is one of the most common occurrences with at home hair color. Green, muddy coloring on the lengths of home hair color is only trumped by a color best described as the yellowish, orange glow of a saxophone. While, it is true, this is another way to “jazz” up your look, I doubt either is what you truly desire.  I would highly recommend you leave this task to highly skilled professionals, but make sure this is exactly what you’re getting.

With the market being completely flooded with salons on every corner, how does a person know if they are making a good choice in hiring one? For starters, it is very important for you to understand that is exactly what you are doing…you are hiring a salon. It is their job to get all the details in order and consider all the variables (i.e. did someone talk you into this…do you really want a drastic change). If they don’t take the time to discuss all of your options, goals, difficulties and desires for your hair thoroughly and free of charge, then you are probably in the wrong salon! Second to this, the salons you wish to leave your tresses in the care of are the ones who are bold enough to gently challenge your desires and explain exactly why they are challenging your ideas. This means just because you think you are ready to take your long blonde hair to a sultry, rich, chocolate brown because you are tired of dealing with the regrowth, they would care enough about your complete happiness in the end result to find out exactly what caused you to arrive at this decision and give you a variety of options. Just because you hate touching up your “roots”, it does NOT mean you will like brown hair. Your stylist should be looking at photos with you and showing you exactly what their idea of sultry, rich, chocolate brown is. Pictures are the MOST important part of this consultation process because everyone’s idea of chocolate is different. Some salons are afraid to use them, if it does not come out as a match there is less to refer to. A highly qualified stylist is not afraid to make you aware of all the variables of the process and what they would do in the event of a color not giving them the exact result you desire. They should discuss costs of each step up front so there are no surprises. In order to better fit your budget or end result they may also to encourage you to take it in steps.  Also, if your stylist is not talking to you about treatments and at-home hair care, get out of there as quick as possible because you run the risk of leaving with severely damaged hair, lacking shine and longevity. Please don’t view this as a ploy to try to sell you something…in a great salon this means nothing more than having genuine concern for the end result. The salon you choose should be willing to lose your business by telling you no, rather than risk the integrity of your hair, the salon or the overall goal of a thrilled client.  Last but not least, they WILL guarantee their work, a great salon will want to ensure you are 100% satisfied! A highly educated salon professional knows exactly how many factors need to be considered.  It is not just changing of the hair, though this is a huge portion of the process, almost anyone can give you a change. The salon you hire should provide an exceptional experience and end result you love.

The goal of this blog was to have a little fun with you while helping you recognize what’s influencing your decision, from your nasty girlfriend to your stylist. I am not suggesting everybody conducts heartless conversations with Miley Cyrus in the privacy of their own bathroom just before deciding to embark on the adventure of a new hair color but too often salons do not consider how the client has arrived at the decision.  I am suggesting you and your stylist take a look at the “WHY”. It is their job to provide an outstanding experience, not an outrageous one…not all change has to be huge to be great!  Please understand there are so many things to consider when changing your color…hire someone willing to give you ALL the details, good and bad. It will be worth the extra time and money in the end.  Remember, whether you decide to go with a huge change or a tweak (no, I did NOT say twerk) the goal is to leave you feeling beautiful and happy!!! That is truly what a makeover consists of.  I hope this helps the next time you are approached by an unsuspecting conversation which leaves you “needing a change”.