dimensional colorWith so many options for dimensional color these days, how would anyone know what to ask for when scheduling an appointment?  There is no right or wrong label when scheduling an appointment. The truth of the matter is, all of these techniques are creative, dimensional color. It is NOT your job as the consumer to know the proper term or to actually even understand what each technique can or will create.  It is the job of the stylist, no if’s, and’s or but’s about it. Stylists need to be filling up their technique tool box with a variety of ways to create multi-dimensional hair.  At Blu A Color Salon, we choose to label all of these into one category when scheduling any of these services, we call it “creative paint”.  For our guests, this eliminates the pressure of needing to know what technique their stylist should use.  Remember, this is the stylists’ job, this is what you are paying them for.  Salons should be constantly training their staff, not only in proper techniques, but also in thorough consultations, the most important skill of all. If you receive a stellar consultation, you will feel confident with the stylist and salon. You can rest assured they are truly creating a unique piece of art specifically for you. Your Lifestyle. Your Image! Your Beauty!