BLU BLOG #1 – 1/15/2019

BLU BLOG #1 – 1/15/2019

Today at Blu Salon, we set out to answer probably THE most asked question by hair fanatics and novice clients alike, “Is there a way I can make my hair grow faster?” The answer is a resounding “YES!”. However, it won’t be what some flashy infomercial...

Bang it Out this Fall with a Look Sure to Fit Your Style

MYSTERY EYES Bangs that just graze the eyelashes have major impact. Have your stylist trim them to your lash line and then angle them down toward your temple. The cut will hide the eyes (just a hint) and add a sense of mystery to the style. It’s perfect for...

Show Up This Season with a New ‘Do

Up-to-date style isn’t all about the carrying the perfect purse or sporting too-high stilettos. Think of your hair is as an accessory and keep it on trend for Fall 2013. PIXIE: If you’re game to go short, show off your facial features with a pixie. The...