Spoken from the lips of the great Martin Luther King himself.

The question for today is “What inspires you and continues to inspire you on the daily?” Well, we couldn’t have planned a better question for this week, as yesterday was a day where we celebrated the life of this extraordinary man. A man who was overflowing with kindness, grace and soul. But his greatest strength was that of a servants’ heart. He longed to serve and help those who were in need of love, compassion and care - no matter the cost.

One thing we, here at Blu, strive to accomplish daily is to serve as well as Mister King did in his time. How we serve our guests, along with serving one another in this salon, is one of OUR greatest strengths! It is one of the many things that makes us different from other salons you may have visited, but definitely our strongest asset.

This is our attitude because we aspire to mirror the behaviors of great leaders. We desire to exude his greatness to those around us. We spent all of yesterday reflecting on the greatness of Dr King and looking for ways that we might be making a difference in our little corner of the world.

Now, how on earth can we be more like this gentle giant of a man? It can be overwhelming to look at such attributes of such a great leader and dare to draw a comparison. But we found that in this quote, there is one serious truth in comparing what we do to what he did. A small truth, but a truth nevertheless!

So, “what continues to inspire you on the daily?” We choose Martin Luther King to push us with kindness into being the best givers we can be!