The key to a great style is top-of-the-line product. blu is proud that we offer Davines’ More Inside.

Davines CurlTHIS IS A CURL BUILDING SERUM Ideal for a look with defined, bouncy curls. Benefits include:

  • enhances curls in wavy hair
  • gives elasticity to curls
  • defines without weighing down
  • natural glossy effect
  • anti-frizz effect
  • humidity resistant

Davines Hair SprayTHIS IS A MEDIUM … Davines’ Medium Hold products. Products include:

  • This is a Medium Hair Spray
  • This is a Medium Hold Finishing Gum
  • This is a Medium Hold Modeling Gel
  • This is a Medium Hold Pliable Paste
Davines Moisturizing Spray
THIS IS A RELAXING MOISTURIZING FLUID  Moisturizing and relaxing creamy fluid. Benefits include:

  • controls hair helping to obtain a perfectly straight look
  • eliminates frizz
  • moisturizes curls
  • light and shiny effect
  • excellent support if used with hot tools
  • humidity-proof

Davines Sea Salt SprayTHIS IS A SEA SALT SPRAY  Styling spray made of sea salt that gives the hair fullness and body with a matte finish. Benefits include:

  • texture
  • extreme volume
  • light control
  • light and shiny effect
  • dray effect – tousled a beach-like waves
  • body while minimizing the electrostatic effect
Davines CurlTHIS IS A CURL MOISTURIZING MOUSSE Creamy, compact mousse, light to the touch and long-lasting. Its texture is similar to whipped cream.