Brittany Druley

Wavy-haired girls (and boys), it’s time you love that beautiful head of hair. And Brittany is here to help.

“Whether you’re swavy, wavy, or Botticelli, I’m here to change your perspective and help you embrace those curls,” she said.

For her curly clientele, Brittany recommends Momo Potion.

“It’s a perfect leave-in that is light and shiny. Not to mention, perfect on dry winter days.”

Brittany has wanted style hair since the age of three, when she got together with a friend and together, they went for broke on each other’s locks.

“Needless to say, that didn’t turn out well in the end,” she said.

Good news for our clients: she’s improved a lot since then.

Education & Training

  • Advanced Deva Curl Cutting and Coloring Lab,
    Devashan Academy, New York City
  • The Angelo Seminara Airshow, New Orleans
  • Weekly in-salon training, Davines