Alycia Berry

Since graduating from Cosmetology school, Alycia has been training hard to master the art of Cutting and Color Melting.

She is truly becoming an expert with the different techniques of color melting.

“I love color melting for the versatility that it offers”, she said. “It is perfect for someone looking to make a big change, but it also has the ability to deliver something subtle”.

Alycia is a big believer in the Oi Oil.

“The finish that it gives is unparalleled”, she said. It really gives you a sleek look that delivers on the modern trends that are happening in the industry today”.


  • Paul Mitchell St. Louis
  • Specialty color class with Linda Yodice
  • Specialty cutting class with Ira Sage
  • Specialty barbering class with John Mosley
  • Caper 2016: Earned educational event with Paul Mitchell’s elite educators